Saturday, May 29, 2010

May in My Garden - Band-tailed Pigeon

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Band-tailed pigeons have discovered the tidbits of grain and corn that my messy chickens leave all over their yard. There were eight of them in the chicken pen this morning getting breakfast.  A rather cool way to keep the mess down, I think.  Band-tails live in our area, but I've not seen near as many as have been here this spring. The word gets out when there's free food. I like their company. They have a soft coo, much like doves, which is very relaxing to listen to.
I took this photo with my new Canon Rebel XSi, using a 55-250 mm telephoto lens, from about 200 feet away. Not bad for a first shot.

Garden Notes:Tomatoes and peppers are finally in the ground in the greenhouse. Today the sun is shining and it's actually warm.

Happy Gardening!

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tina said...

Hi Christine, The band tailed pigeon is really pretty. I don't think we have them here, just mourning doves and regular pigeons but hey, free food and anyone will come!