Thursday, April 08, 2010

Spring Walks - White Camellia

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Sometimes, while on a walk, I'll come across a blogworthy flower. Then I'm really glad that I (usually) always pack my camera with me.

The camellia shrub was about 10-feet tall - more like a tree  I had to reach to get this shot.  Lucky me.

Did you know that this beautiful camellia is related to the plant that grows the tea you drink?  True.  I have a packet of Camellia sinensis seeds that I'm going to plant in the greenhouse this year.

Then ...   Well, we'll see ...

Happy gardening!

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EG Wow said...

I hope you keep us posted about the Camillia sinensis.I bet it takes a lot to keep you in tea for a year. :_

HARE said...

Lovely Camellia.^^
I have the Camellia sinensis for tea. You going to plant.
The seeds need four years for grow.
I bought the tree about 30cm height.

Christine said...

I do drink a lot of tea, EG. :)

I'm going to try, Maki. It seems as though it will be an investment in time also. Maybe I should keep my eyes open for a tree too! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us on a walk with you. I love what I see. ;-)


Christine said...

Thanks Paz. More walks will be coming your way soon. :)