Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April in the Garden - Vinca major (Periwinkle)

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I know it's considered a noxious weed in some environs but here on the cool northern California coast, Periwinkle is very containable and easily pulled out of places where it shouldn't stray.  Plus it can hide some otherwise not-so-pretty views.

Me, I was happy to catch the unfurling.

Happy gardening!

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Noelle said...

I love to use this plant in very shady planter boxes. It grows where most other plants will not and I live the sweet purple flowers.

HARE said...

Oh! What tender blue! I feel your tenderness.

Anonymous said...

awesome! i love the color and the name. ;-)


Christine said...

Even though we mostly have shade here in our coastal area, this still grows ... in the shade!

It is a tender blue, isn't it Maki?

Periwinkle just fits, doesn't it Paz?