Friday, April 16, 2010

April in the Garden - White Clematis with Red Maple

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On a recent, rare sunny afternoon, shadows were dancing with the stamens of this clematis.

This isn't the best of photos, but I've got a new camera and am just learning how to use it.  It takes a while to get used to the new settings and adjustments. This is a more glorified point-and-shoot than my older Canon digital elph and a bit more intricate to use so bear with me while I figure it out.  My other new camera, now, is a dslr Canon Rebel XSi. And that is a rather daunting piece of equipment. Bit of a steep learning curve, I'm thinking. Still, when I master it I'm hoping for better and better quality photos.

I'm off (again) for the weekend so don't worry if comments don't show up right away.  I'll get them up on Sunday.

Have a great weekend.  Happy gardening!

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keewee said...

I think you took good pictures with your new camera. It is always exciting to play with a new camera.

HARE said...

I saw this clematis and the pink one too, in a flower shop near my house four days ago. So lovely! ^^

And you got the new two cameras! Lumix is handy and Canon is good, I think so. My Camera is Canon too.
I am looking forward to your next photos.^^

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers, beautiful photos.

Congrats on your new camera. Have fun with it!

Happy weekend,

Paz ;-)

Christine said...

Welcome to my garden, Keewee. Thanks for stopping by.

I love clematis, Maki. Also passiflora, which will bloom later. I'm having fun with my Lumix. Still haven't played with the Canon yet. :)

Thank you Paz! I did have a wonderful weekend. :) Hope you did too.