Sunday, April 18, 2010

April in the Garden - Sparaxis

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Many years ago when we first moved to the cool and foggy north coast and I hadn't a clue what to plant, being from the hot, dry Sacramento Valley, my neighbor gave me some Sparaxis bulbs and said just scatter them; they'll multiply and come up year after year.

She was so right, and for a number of years, until I got the hang of gardening in a foreign climate, they were the first flowers to bloom in my garden in the spring.  Even now I watch for them and rejoice in their multi-colored petals and funny faces.

Happy Gardening!

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Hey Harriet said...

They're lovely! I like the idea of just scattering things and watching them pop up. If only that applied to all garden goodies!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Sorry you missed joining SSS this week but thanks heaps for popping over to visit :)

Noelle said...

They are beautiful. Isn't it nice to have established gardeners who are there to give advice on what grows to new residents?