Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Winter in my Garden - In the Greenhouse and Out

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An impossibly large Meyer lemon in the greenhouse

Susan's orchid getting ready to bloom in the greenhouse (the bathtub will be explained in a future post)

Gertrude Jekyll blooms year-round in the garden albeit a bit worse for the wear after a hailstorm

The passion flower blooms year-round also, up against a south facing window

Sarcococca is in fine form this time of year

Sally Holmes puts out blooms even when it hails. Her delicate pink coloring is enhanced by the winter cold 
I'd love to know what's blooming in your garden this time of year.

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EG Wow said...

I would LOVE to be able to grow Meyer lemons! Very cool!

elvira pajarola said...

Carissima Christine...WHAT A MAGIC WINTERGARDEN.....SPLENDID!!!!!

Certainly.....I do love this golden yellow lemon.....truly beautiful...the rose...and this fabulous Sarcococca...!!!!!

oh....in our garden..or better..: jungle doesn't bloom almost nothing.... there was too much rain lately...too cold...and right now we have got of course wonderful oranges !!

I wish You a magnificient start in this very new Year, carissima!!!!

ciao ciao elvira

Christine said...

Hi EG, this is my first time growing a Meyer lemon. So far it seems to be doing okay.

Hello Elvira. It seems to be cold, cold, cold all over the northern hemisphere this year. Spring is on its way and more flowers will bloom!

hare said...

Fourth of the rose on this posting!!
I love the color!!

anna maria said...

Wow, Sarcococca, a plant I've never even heard of! Will look it up.
My guess is that you will use the tub for grey water filtration and aquatic plants. Probably not even close...

Christine said...

Hi Maki. Yes, my Sally Holmes blooms year-round. I love her too!

Anna Maria, Nope, not even close. :) When we get the hot and cold running water hooked up and place the tub on a bed of rocks, and paint the tub a pretty color, and hang candle holders from the posts, it will be a greenhouse bathing tub. It's on my long list of things to do ...