Monday, May 12, 2014

Study of Magnolia Flower

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While looking into old photo files today, I came across a few hundred images from 2006 that I took while on a trip to the east coast.  I had completely forgotten about these images, spent several hours going through them and was surprised that none had made it to these pages.

Taken with my old Canon PowerShot SD450, a little workhorse of a camera that I never should have parted with, I love the gentle muzziness of the images - not quite sharp yet not quite out of focus.

It's funny how my standards for photography have changed over the years.  I've gone from knowing nothing and being lucky, to knowing a little more, still lucky at times, and being a bit more fearless about it all. And throughout all that, I've striven for the sharp, clear image.  Now that I see these anew, I think less sharp, and less clear have their place, and I'm happy to give it to them.

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These are too exquisite for words!