Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Milk Crates

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I know they're not flowers, nor critters, but they were such a stark contrast to the white walls, grey cement, and the odd blue crate, I couldn't help myself.

It's time once again for Ruby Tuesday photo viewing at Work of the Poet.

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chubskulit said...

Nice stacks of tray!

My Ruby Tuesday

Hazelicious929 said...

anything that is color red is pretty. Mine is up - Ruby Tuesday

Kramer said...

I adore the milk crates, if that's what they are, what they used to be called, for sure. Nice capture!

Carolyn said...

good choice :-)


Linnea said...

They do catch your eye, don't they!

BJ Roan said...

I think this is a perfect post for Ruby Tuesday. I wonder why there are fewer blue crates. Happy Tuesday!

Christine said...

Thanks for stopping by guys! What a great bunch of bloggers. I've tried to leave a message of each of your sites.

Mrs. Mac said...

Nice ruby geometry!

forgetmenot said...

Since they weren't flowers or critters, we can't say they are gorgeous or cute, but they are red, bright, and eye catching. Nice shot!! Yes, it is a redwood, and I wish I could say I was there yesterday, but it was taken a couple of years ago in the John Muir Park by San Jose. Mickie :)

Marvin said...

Works for me. I like these "found items" sculptures -- and they definitely qualify as red.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Useful things can be beautiful in their own way.


They say that just one touch of red
Will put big, bold thoughts in your head.
So scarlet’s for you,
And burgundy too,
And cardinal and carmine—‘nuff said!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Feast Rooted in Reds

anna maria said...

They certainly brighten up that corner of the world!