Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Spring! The Swallows are Back!

Pin It Been watching the skies for swallows these past few days. Too cloudy and rainy to catch a glimpse, if they were there at all.

But today turned sunny and actually warm and, as always, something made me look up and there they were.  Just two of them.  We call them the scouts.

Of course I didn't get a photo of them - they're swallows.  They just don't hold still enough.  Hopefully I'll get some baby shots later in the year.  Meantime . . .


Yellow Primrose

Wood Violet

Lilac buds

Dicentra - Bleeding Heart
I was able to root around close to the ground in a few of my garden beds and capture some tiny early spring bloomers.

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The Swallows Have Arrived!

On a sadder note: My heart goes out to the people of Japan who have lost so much due to the devastating earthquake yesterday and ensuing tsunami.  I am thinking of you and wishing you solace during this terrible time.

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