Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring in My Garden - White Primrose

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Primroses, or Primula, are actually winter-blooming plants around here but I didn't see this one, hiding deep down under leaves and ferns, until just now. Usually by this time they've been munched by slugs. We both got lucky.

After a bit of a hiatus, I'm happy to enter my primrose in the ever-exciting blog event, Today's Flowers. Do stop by Luiz' blog on Mondays to check out all the beautiful flower photos.

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Tabib said...

Beautiful fresh primrose. Lovely yellow centre, look like flower within the flower.

Leora said...

Refreshing and delicate, your pretty primrose. Nice surprise to find one unexpectedly.

Arija said...

Polyanthus are such cheerful little things in the spring. Nice shot.

kayleen said...

Lovely primrose. Really like the raindrops. Thanks for sharing.

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Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

How nice to find such a delicate treasure in the garden.

Anonymous said...

As always, beautiful! Beautiful flower, beautiful photo.


Christine said...

Thanks so much, all you flower lovers! I will be visiting your blogs soon and look forward to chatting with you!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty, managed to find a way round the problem by right clicking and open in new tab. Haven't found the problem anywhere else yet!!

Christine said...

Hi Anne, I'm so glad you found a way to post a comment. I truly don't know what the problem is - one of those mysteries of the Internet!