Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daffodils for Erika

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From spring to spring I try to get the perfect shot of these lovelies. Their placement is not without challenge, being close to a long and strappy plant that always seems to intrude on the background and being only 8-inches tall themselves. I try to get the perfect shot for Erika. So, my friend, how's this one?

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flowergardengirl said...

I don't know about Erika...but I like it ;)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty Christine, no problems now with leaving a comment. It was caused by a new version of Skype software adding an extension to Firefox. Strange that it didn't happen when I used the link on your blog to another blog that you look at!!

Paz said...

Yeah, I'm not Erika but I say that it's a perfect shot of perfect flowers. Lucky, Erika.

Paz ;-)