Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Trilliums

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Trilliums are blooming throughout the shady forests and creekbanks now; another sign of springtime. We're lucky to have a small patch of these beautiful plants down in the shady redwood forest on our property. Although the one above is growing against the house in a protected, shady area. As its name implies, the Trillium has a three-petaled flower with three offset sepals just below, and which blooms above three leafy bracts.
So just who or what is this imposter? A Quadrillium? I shot this while taking a walk on Trinidad Head this morning with Mr CC and felt as though I'd found something even more rare than a four-leaf clover. A quick Google search brought me to this blog where the flower photos are drop dead gorgeous and another Quadrillium was encountered.

Happy Easter!

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Simona Carini said...

I have never seen a quadrillium! I love trilliums, a lot. Happy Easter! (though I'd like to know where the sun went)

Unknown said...'re SO far ahead of us, spring-wise. We'll have trilliums by late May, but of course then YOU"ll get to enjoy them all over again, just as I"M enjoying this early glimpse of them. I have red, yellow and white varieties in our woodland garden. Wonderful plants.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

That flower is so cool... of course I'd be happy to have just the 3-petal kind on my trilliums.

Christine said...

I hope you get to take a walk on the Head to see the quadrillium, Simona.

Hi Jodi, Can't wait to see your Trilliums!

Thanks for visiting Daughter. I like your blog very much.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. Perfect for Easter/Spring.


Christine said...

Thanks Paz! I knew you would like them.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty.

Christine said...

Thank you Anne!