Sunday, February 03, 2008

Winter In My Garden #7 - Peppers and Parsley from the Greenhouse

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Way back here, I was sure that the greenhouse was all finished for the summer. Sure, there were a few peppers in a pot hanging on for dear life, very green and not looking at all like they were going to get red like their siblings had done. But since they were quite alive I let them be, watered them now and then and was so surprised a few weeks ago, when we had a couple days of sunshine, that they began to change color. And even more surprised when the parsley kept on growing and growing and is still growing. And then saw that the oregano plant had started to put out succulent new shoots.

They practically cooked themselves. All I did was stuff the peppers with steamed rice that I'd seasoned with the oregano and parsley, topped off with some great goat cheese, put the pepper tops back on, baked them in the oven and dinner was served. Ya gotta love a greenhouse.

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Anonymous said...


Paz (who wishes she had her own garden)

Anonymous said...

They look a lovely colour it's almost a shame to cook them.

Christine said...

Thank you Paz!

I had the same dilemma Anne. I left them on the plant for a long time because they were so beautiful. But I must admit, the first bite told I'd done the right thing by cooking them. :)