Friday, February 23, 2007

A Camelia To Brighten An Otherwise Gray Day

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A six-foot tall shrub, covered with these pink blooms, is framed by our breakfast room window. Quite a delight in this gray, cold and rainy weather we're having.


Shane Marie said...

Gray, cold and rainy...in Humboldt?! ;)

That's a beautiful camelia. At my childhood home, there were two absolutely stunning and enormous shrubs, one red and one pink like yours. At my home now, I am nusing back from near death two sort-of-espalier camilias with mini-blooms. I think this plant and flower is underrated.

Hope all is going well with your new job!

Christine said...

Hi Shane! Yeah, Humboldt... go figure. :)
I too love camelias although they don't last long enough for me.
I have two others, one of them a deep cerise pink color that I hope to photograph this year.
The job is great. The time off it affords me is greater!

Anonymous said...

Love the name and love this rose.