Friday, May 12, 2006

Exbury Azalea

Pin It Here's a little something for you to feast your eyes on while I prepare Erika's irises for posting.

This is an Exbury Azalea. I have no idea what its given name is. Purchased with another one of a slightly different color at a local nursery a number of years ago, they were in the "sick bay" and discounted to 75% off their original price. No name tags. They looked like they wouldn't make it through the year. I planted them anyway, babied them along and waited at least 5 years for trusses (Rhodie/Azalea-speak for blossoms) to begin. At times I almost gave up and thought to yank them out. As you can see, it's a good thing I didn't as they present these beautiful, small trusses every year now. I must tell you that shades of reds are difficult, in my limited experience, to photograph. You'll have to believe me when I tell you that the color is a deep, deep paprika-red color and I hope the photos convey that.

The companion azalea, which is a lighter version of it's bed-mate, hasn't bloomed yet but you'll get to see it here when it does. By the way, Exbury azaleas are deciduous; all others grow leaves year-round.

from this...

to this...

then this...

and finally, this!

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