Sunday, March 15, 2015

Swallows and Freesias

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In our neighborhood, no matter what the calendar says, Spring begins the day the swallows arrive. This year it began on Thursday, March 12th, which is the day my friend and neighbor D spotted a pair of swallows flitting and swooping overhead.

She and I engage in a friendly who-will-see-them-first competition.  This year she won. I didn't see them until the following day, but what a thrill.

This is why I love the swallows: They have their babies in our barn and under the eaves of the house, making me a baby swallow grandmother of sorts, as I watch out for their well being all season until they fledge.

Another sure sign of Spring in my garden is this deeply scented Freesia, which I found blooming when I went on my camera-in-hand garden rounds Friday morning.  I took these photos early in the morning under cloudy skies with no flash.  I am enamored by their rather fuzzy, sultry look, surrounded by yet-to-be-cleaned-up winter weeds entangled in new spring growth.

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Sylvia K said...

Exquisite flowers and so SPRING LIKE!! Thanks as always for sharing the beauty, Christine!! Hope you have a great new week!!