Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Columbine and Celebration

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See that little sunburst coming from the water droplet?  Look for it, I know you'll find it.  That is my celebratory Hurrah! - I'm back on Blogger and ready to roll.

I spent three very fretful days over the long weekend while I couldn't access my blogs, my gmails, and some very important other accounts: Didn't sleep, couldn't stop going over and over and OVER the problems I've been experiencing, exchanging emails with Blogger Product Forum (nice people), and finally getting a solution last night from a local friend.

Thank you, Sylvia, Mimi, Kalyn, and dear Susan, for your support and good wishes. Good blogging friends are priceless!

I'm off to fix the other password problems but wanted to post this so you know this kid's alright!

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Sylvia K said...

Oh, HOORAY!! I'm so glad to read the good news, Christine!! Looking forward to more of your beautiful posts soon!!