Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Moon and Clouds

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I'm not so much taken with the moon image here as I am with the surrounding clouds. Nothing is crystal clear, yet it speaks to me.

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Sylvia K said...

Oh, the moon has been gorgeous the past few nights! We've had clear skies, too, so I was actually able to see it!! Terrific capture, Christine! Have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

This is a mesmerizing shot.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

I took pictures like this too recently .. I have to download them and see what they turned out like .. even the sun was a visible ball yesterday with cloud cover .. that doesn't happen often !

Christine said...

Thank you Sylvia, Paz and Joy - wonderful photographers all!

Anonymous said...

Stunning photos Christine

Alex said...

Where is this beautiful beach???

Christine said...

Hi Anne. Thanks for visiting. How are you?

Christine said...

Alex, Thanks for stopping by. The header photo is of Trinidad State Beach, Trinidad, California. I like to think of it as "my" front yard.