Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Late Winter in my Garden - Mini-Daffodils

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Mini-daffodils are among the first bulbs to bloom in my garden as winter wanes.

They grow to be about 5-inches tall, barely clearing the top of the large pot they are planted in.

I have to keep chicken wire over them (you can see it in the background) because the chickens love to see if the petals are edible.  You'd think they learn.  But nooo - they're chickens.

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Sylvia K said...

Daffodils are like the first hello of spring -- I actually found some here in a small bed near the harbor! Such a delightful spot of color in such a gray world!! Hope your week is going well, Christine!


Anonymous said...

It is spring over here in Belgium & my parents have also mini daffodils & larger yellow daffodils in their garden!

It is a nice palet of bright yellow all over the garden!

It is telling us that Spring is right around the corner!