Monday, August 09, 2010

Summer in my Garden - Double Pink Anemone

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The Japanese Anemones are blooming and that means summer soon will give way to autumn (are we really ready for this?) and before we know it another year will come to a close.

But before I get too maudlin about it, going through some old posts reminds me of all the wonderful treasures each season brings.

Here are just a few:
Exbury Azalea
Pacific Giant Salamander
Garter Snake
Up Close with Iris
Post Storm Sunset
Full Moon Rising, Winter Sun Setting
Little Green Frog
Hydrangea in Shadow
Christmas Orchid
Autumn Zinnia
First Leaves

Happy Gardening!

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Spadoman said...

Stopped by for a peek. Your garden flowers and photographs are gorgeous. I miss the coast when it's so hot and humid here in the Midwest. You keep a lovely garden. I applaud you.


Christine said...

Thanks for your visit Joe. I just went inland 40 miles for an overnight. It was sunny and hot and beautiful. Got back home today and the fog is practically hugging the ground. I say this because while I'm sure it's hot a humid where you live, and I know you would love a little bit of cool fogginess, it gets downright gloomy when the sun doesn't shine for days on end, as has been the case here this summer. :)
Thanks so much for your gardenly praise.

hare said...

What a beautiful color Christine!
I feel deep air.

Christine said...

Thank you Maki. I'm always glad to have you visit.