Tuesday, February 02, 2010

February in the Garden - First Leaves

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Browns, grays and the non-deciduous greens of redwood trees are the palette of my garden right now. So much so that tiny leaves like these, stretching all of their half-inch length to see the sun, go un-noticed amid the tangle of bare branches and twigs.

It was after I saw this variegated Spirea beginning to bud that I really saw how the garden has been stirring to life. More bud photos to follow ...

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HARE said...

It is so lovely.
Red, orange, yellow and light green.
Browne scenery suit this very well.

Sylvia K said...

Beautiful colors against the brown! Spring is whispering in your area, how wonderful! Have a lovely evening, Christine!


Christine said...

Thank you Makiko for your lovely words.

Yes, Sylvia, spring is whispering, even in the face of rainy skies.

Anonymous said...

First leaves already?! Yipee!