Sunday, August 01, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - First Regiment Armory, Portland

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This is a trick photo.  Can anyone tell me why?  Look closely now.

It's time to share shadows again and Tracy's got a bunch of them from all over this beautiful earth of ours.

Check out this week's Shadow Shots. Join in the fun. You get to meet a lot of crazy photographers who just happen to be very nice bloggy people.

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Spadoman said...

The building is lighted by artificial light, as the larger building in the left side background has the sun shining on it head on. The shadows don't match the direcxtional light. Was it lit for a photo shoot or a movie being shot there? That's what it looks like, but it is a cool capture of a beautiful old building. An example of a type of archtecture you don't see anymore.
By the way, I worked in Hollyweird and did special effects.


Hey Harriet said...

I can't tell why it's a trick photo. It's probably something really obvious that I'm missing! Oh well, I like it. Tricky or not!

Hope you have a great week ahead Christine :)

hare said...

May I join the Shadow Shots?
It sounds fun.^^

Married To Singaporean said...

The effect of the shadow and old building is great.

Christine said...

Oh my, I have been so remiss in answering comments and I apologize.

Joe is, of course, correct in his answer to my shadow shot today. One half block to the east of the Armory building is a glass highrise. The sun setting in the west is reflecting off of the highrise, casting tree shadows on the Armory. I thought it very clever of the sun.

It's always a pleasure to participate in Shadow Shot Sunday, Tracy.

Maki, please do join in! Shadow shots are fun, and addictive!

Thank you, Married. And thanks for stopping by.