Friday, May 01, 2009

Spring in My Garden - A Shrew Mole

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Lily, one of the grey sisters, was keeping a watchful eye on something in the grass. Knowing that it would be some kind of critter, I quickly grabbed my camera and went to investigate.

This is a Shrew Mole, Neurotrichus gibbsii, and although I've seen them laying about the yard, quite dead in the winter, I've never seen one alive and up close until now.

You might have to click on this photo to see the eyes as they are not very pronounced, and judging from the meanderings of this little guy, they don't seem to rely on their eyesight very much. I got the feeling that smell and touch were the more acute senses going on here.

Did Lily hurt it? Of course not. She just likes to play. Claws sheathed. I made sure it got safely to the blackberry brambles, where even the intrepid cats do not go.

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HARE said...

My garden has the Mole too. But I haven't seen its body. I have seen some holes sometimes. it's cute.^^