Saturday, March 17, 2007

Quince At Sunset

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Promises of a bumper crop . . .
Never has my quince bush been so loaded with blossoms nor so beautiful in a sunset's golden light.

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Anonymous said...

Yours are blooming earlier than here and have a more orangey colour. Mine are a deeper pink. Looks like you'll have loads of quinces.

Christine said...

Hi Anne,
Actually, the blossoms are pinky-white when they open, maturing to a truer pink. The reason they're orange-y in the photos is because of the early evening sunlight hitting them at just the right angle.

Debby Gamble said...

Hello Christine...just to let you know I look at your photos everyday. I live in the north of France and our Spring is a little behind yours I think, still my honeysuckle and tiny roses are in bud. Trinidad looks gorgeous.

Christine said...

Hello Debby,
I'm so sorry I missed your comment when you posted it. Thanks for you visit to my garden. I hope to hear from you often.