Monday, July 31, 2006

Day Tripping

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The other day we went on a little excursion towards the Oregon border.

We stopped here first because I adore the lily pads that
cover this old logging pond.

Later we visited a fabulous house that overlooks the south
fork of the Smith River. I'm standing about 75 feet up from
the water.

We had dinner at a fun new place in Crescent City called
Surfside Grill & Brewery.

On the way back home we were fortunate enough to catch
the sunset on Freshwater Lagoon beach,

followed by the waxing crescent moon.
What a day!
(Click on the last photo to see a closeup of the moon)


Paz said...

Your photos are making me very cool -- in my mind, at least. ;-)


Dianna said...

What a lovely trip-thanks for sharing.

christine said...

Paz & Dianna,
I'm so glad you like my photos and this blog. It's so much fun to do and it's way simpler than my cooking blog. I just shoot what pleases me, post the photos, sit back and enjoy! Glad you do too.