Friday, August 02, 2013

Frilly Red Poppy . . . In Black and White . . .

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. . . losing her skirt.  See the color photo below.

I've been away most of the summer but between trips have taken many, many poppy photos,
which are awaiting their walk-on to the blog.

August will find me better situated to post them.

This is how they look now: sadly coming to an end but providing
a million seeds for next summer.

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Anonymous said...

They still look beautiful! I trust you've been having a good summer. xox

forgetmenot said...

Poppies are so pretty. I love your description--lose their skirt-very clever. Mickie :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Christine girl !
What a contrast between the two pictures of the poppy ... and YES ! losing her skirt is too cute : )
I love seeing all of those potential poppies in those gorgeous seed heads!
I would love more poppies but the foliage is such a bulk of nonsense to handle and try to hide as it dies back .. one day I might just get some California poppies to work for me with less foliage!
Joy : )
Emma is such a ham in that picture of my header eh ? LOL