Tuesday, April 05, 2011


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Although April is not what you'd call warm yet, and rain is still on the horizon, here is what is true this morning:  my sweet old mare can be out in her corral having her breakfast instead of in her stall because the ground is too muddy; the lilacs are putting forth their apple-green leaves and buds; a small spider dared to spin a web fully exposed to the fickle elements; my backyard hens are now laying 6-8 eggs a day instead of 2 or none.

All sure signs that our hemisphere is turning toward the sun.

Just as it should.


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Sylvia K said...

What fabulous capture! Love the huge spider web! And your horse is beautiful! I had a gray, Arabian mare many years ago, she was such a jewel! Hope your week is going well!


The Sage Butterfly said...

Everything turned out so perfectly in that photograph. Did you bribe everyone to pose? :)

forgetmenot said...

Lovely Ruby Tuesday tulip, but this photo with the spiderweb is sensational. Everything about it is exceptional. Great, great shot. Mickie :)

Christine said...

Thank you all for leaving such sweet comments. I've been slow on answering these days but will try to get around to each of you soon.

tina said...

Your mare paints a lovely scene in your garden. The spider web awesome!

Christine said...

Thanks Tina! :)