Sunday, February 06, 2011

Silhouettes at Low Tide

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We walk to the beach several times a week.  This past Friday the tide was really low and folks (and their dogs) were walking waaaay out along the wave line.  This guy was taking a photo of the rocks and waves while I was taking a photo of him taking a photo - in silhouette.

This is what I do when there's not much to do in my garden. Or rather, when I'm putting off the things that need to be done in my garden.

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Marvin said...

Beautiful -- simply beautiful.

forgetmenot said...

Beautiful beach scene--wish I was there!

indicaspecies said...

Splendid shot! The colors are fabulous. The silhouettes give additional character to the shot.

Christine said...

Thanks for your comments, folks! Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

So very picturesque.


Christine said...

Thanks Paz! :)

hare said...

I love this picture.^^