Monday, February 21, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Somewhat Ruby Hellebores

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 The Hellebores are making quite a spectacle of themselves this year.

Some years they hardly bloom at all.  This year they're going for broke.
Another reminder that spring is on its way!

Check out the rest of the Ruby Tuesday photos over at Mary's blog, Work of the Poet.

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tina said...

Hi Christine, I love your hellebores with their little 'freckles'. The spotted ones are the cutest. Your rose below is perfect and wow on the moon. I can see all the detail. Beautiful photography!

chubskulit said...

Gorgeous one!

My Ruby Tuesday

Maria @ LSS said...

Beautiful blooms!

Liz said...

Stunning shots.

My entries:
Moms...Check Nyo

anna maria said...

I love flowers that have explosive and dramatic centers like these.

Christine said...

Thanks Tina! Good to see you here.

Thanks to the RT posters. I'm making the rounds today.

Me too, Anna Maria. I am fascinated with the centers of most flowers, but these are particularly wonderful.

forgetmenot said...

Such beautiful, delicate flowers--they don't look like any kind I've seen before. Very pretty!!

Christine said...

Thank you Mickie. They're also called Christmas Rose and Lenten Rose; there are many varieties. These are just the ones I happen to have in my garden.

clavs said...

Those are beautiful flowers...
Your newest follower,

Christine said...

Thank you, Clavel. Welcome!

Anonymous said...

Lovely hellebores Christine, the look the same colour as in my garden. The weather has been so awful here I've only just noticed mine.

hare said...

Hi Christine,
Your Hellebore is already blooming. My one is yet. I can't see them because I go to your country soon.
Thank you sharing.^^