Thursday, February 17, 2011

February Full Moon

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I am a little disappointed.  The shot could have been clearer.  Me and the big girl camera are still getting to know one another and sometimes we have issues.

The full moon is actually tonight, but tonight there will be no moon viewing from my garden.

Clouds, clouds, clouds.

I was lucky to get this shot last night when the sky cleared for a few minutes.  It looks pretty darn full to me.

The February full moon was called, by some northern and eastern native American tribes, the Snow Moon or Hunger Moon due to both of those conditions being most prevalent during this time of year.

Did you get a moon shot tonight?

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Anonymous said...

what another perfect moon shot you've captured! awesome! love it.

i saw the full moon last night but i didn't have my camera with me and i just didn't feel like being bothered to go get my camera. many times, it's hard to capture the moon in the city -- too many buildings, street lights, etc... i was tired. so, i'm glad i can see your wonderful photo here. ;-) more, please.


Christine said...

Thank you, my friend Paz. I'm in a bit of a moon craze right now so I'm sure I'll be taking more photos as the weather allows. Have a good weekend! Get some rest! ;)

anna maria said...

Your question made me realize that I haven't seen the full moon in 4 months, and I love the full moon, actually opening curtains so I can be bathed in it while I sleep. It must be the orientation of this apartment I've been in for the last 4 months, or the clouds, or both.
Can't wait to see one!

Christine said...

I love moonlight too, Annamaria, but I must admit to shutting it out at night when I need to sleep. Otherwise I would be watching it all night long! :)
I hope you get to see one soon.