Sunday, January 23, 2011

In My Greenhouse - A Soaking Tub

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One of the things I wanted for my birthday was to have the tub in the greenhouse plumbed with hot and cold running water. Yesterday, that's just what Mr CC did.  Yes it's a bit rustic but, hey, it's a greenhouse.  I had a good soak this morning - just the ticket for my cold. And what could possibly be better than a soak in a steaming hot tub accompanied by orchids and Meyer lemons?

 This little volunteer greenhouse poppy bloomed this morning, just for my birthday, I'm sure.
Outside, the Rhododendron that I received as a birthday present ten years ago
is beginning to bloom, right on schedule.

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Sylvia K said...

Oh, how terrific, Christine! I love it! Wow! I would love to have one! How clever you are! Hope you have a great week!


anna maria said...

What a great idea!
Of course now that I let someone else have the old, but in excellent condition tub from the remodel of my house, I'm realizing and remembering all the things I could have done with it!
Isn't that what always happens when you get rid of stuff, or does it just seem that way?

Paz said...

i love that bathtub. we used to have one similar in the apartment and then the landlord came and changed it to something more "modern" -- smaller, cheaper, uncomfortable.... I've never taken a bath since. *sigh*

I love that the flowers bloomed for you on your birthday. Lovely!

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Paz xoxo

Christine said...

I'm glad you like it, Sylvia.

That's probably why I'm such a hoarder, Annamaria. I always think I'm going to find a use for stuff. I "rescued" this tub from the basement of an old building. It's porcelain over cast iron and weighs a ton. But I'm so happy to have it.

Oh, Paz, I'm sorry for the loss of your tub. "Modern" rarely is better than good, old, well-made stuff.

anna maria said...

I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Christine said...

Thank you, Annamaria! Other than having a nasty cold, my birthday was perfect.

Christine said...

... and I see that I'm spelling your name incorrectly. Sorry about that Anna Maria. :)

anna maria said...

I often write it that way myself!

Maki said...

Already Spring in your garden?

Marvin said...

It looks just like the tub in our house, though ours is set up as a shower, but could be used as a tub if we wanted. Love the poppy -- and the lemon.

Happy belated birthday. Sorry about your cold.

Francisca said...

What a great idea for a tub! Must be so cozy to lie there in a warm greenhouse surrounded by your beautiful blooming flowers... Glad you had a great birthday, Christine; have a fine year of prosperous ventures and fun adventures!

Christine said...

Maki, If all the little song birds and blooming narcissus are any indication, then I think that spring is definitely on its way to my garden. And that makes me very happy. ^^

Hi Marvin and Francisca, I'm very, very happy with the tub in the greenhouse. I've wanted it there for several years and all I had to do was ask for it to be a birthday present and, lo, it happened! :)