Monday, December 06, 2010

Late Autumn in my Garden - Spider Web

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 Can you see it, way out there up there in the branches?

Here's a closeup, taken from the same spot as the photo above.

Playing with my zoom lens ...

Zoom ...   Zoom ...

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Sylvia K said...

Oh, and isn't it fun to play with our toys? I love how you enlarged it! That's terrific! Hope you have a great week! Enjoy! And find lots more webs to photograph, they're beautiful!


Christine said...

It is fun, Sylvia. I'm getting more and more curious about using different settings to see how photos turn out. And now I'm Jonesing for a macro for my Canon DSLR. Sigh, so expensive.

Enter spider webs in my Google search bar and see what comes up. :)

Anonymous said...

very cool!


hare said...

I love the Spider Web! Beautiful!

Christine said...

Thank you Paz and Maki! ^^