Monday, December 13, 2010

Autumn to Winter in my Garden - Salamanders

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 Who dat?

Perched on my index finger, you can imagine how tiny this critter is.

It's pretty easy to find a salamander or two in my garden this time of year.  Turn over a piece of wood, an old flower pot, and chances are there will be one of these critters hanging out underneath.

The little guy on my finger had lost its tail, possibly due to a run-in with one of my chickens, and is in the process of growing a new one (I didn't know they did that).

I do try to keep them out of harm's way and will keep the chickens in their pen if I see salamanders in the yard.

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hare said...

Oh! It's brown Salamander. Is it 5 fingers? How many fingers it has?

Christine said...

Hi Maki, It looks like the front feet have 4 fingers and the back feet have 5 fingers. Is this rare in your garden? I have photos I can send you.

Anonymous said...

OMG! It's cute-looking but I'd be scared to touch it. ;-)


hare said...

My garden's Salamander has 5 fingers of front and back,and black body.
I would like to share this page.^^

Christine said...

They're not scary at all, Paz. And they aren't slimey either. I would be there to protect you. :)

Christine said...

Please feel free to share this page, Maki.
Now I'll be looking for salamanders with 5 fingers, front and back, everytime I turn a log over. ^^

anna maria said...

He is so sweet! ! I haven't seen a salamander since I was a child.

Marvin said...

Cool shots of the little salamander. I don't see a lot of them around our place in the Ozarks, but love it when I do.