Friday, November 26, 2010

Late Autumn in my Garden - The Last Maple Leaf

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I took this photo a few days ago when skies were clear for a moment and this last maple leaf was determinedly holding on to the bitter end. It has since fallen to the ground, joining its red, gold, orange and brown brethren, signaling, to me at least, that Autumn is over.

I didn't get as much accomplished in my garden as I would have liked this fall, which means there will be more work in the spring. At least I have the winter to contemplate what I'll do when the rains stop.

I like to think I welcome winter with all her attendant indoor coziness, but the truth is that I like longer, warmer days where I can spend more time outside, whether it's gardening or shooting photos.

I'm working on patience ...

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Sylvia K said...

So lovely, the lone leaf against the sky! Great capture! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Francisca said...

And a glorious last red maple it is! I prefer summer too, so I live in a place of permanent summer... but travel enough to glimpse the other seasons. Happy hibernating... :-)

Anonymous said...

patience is a good thing. ;-)

love this photo of the last leaf standing.


Hey Harriet said...

That is so lovely! I'm glad you captured it before it dropped to the ground!

Good luck with the patience thing. I have very little patience for long cold winter days. Ick!

hare said...

Nice sky and red! That is beautiful shot!

Christine said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments. I've been remiss in my replies and am trying to catch up with all of you.