Monday, November 22, 2010

Autumn in my Garden - Virbunum Leaf for Ruby Tuesday

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The late afternoon sun shining through a viburnum leaf, creating such a display of veins and ridges, seemed to light up the leaf from within.  Such is my offering for this week's Ruby Tuesday.

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Tink *~*~* said...

Love how the light hits one side more than the other - creates some interesting texture and hue. I think this would make a great needlework!

Tink *~*~*

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Christine !
That is one gorgeous leaf shot .. I love it when we can capture the sun lighting the very essence of the leaf .. my smoke bush trees do that for me : ) .. Did you change your header picture ? wasn't there a beach scene before ? it was gorgeous too ! But wow on the Japanese Maple .. I have a huge soft heart for that : )

EG Wow said...

The leaf is a lovely shade of red and I like its texture too.

bj said...


OOPS, are you aware that you have word verification on? :)
A lot of people don't realize it so just to let you know.

Christine said...

Hi Tink, Thanks for stopping by. I would love to see that leaf in needlepoint!

Hi there, Joy. Yes, my former header was a shot of one of our local beaches. I have a love affair with Japanese maples too. :)

Thanks so much, EG. It's always nice to have you stop by.

Hello BJ, Yes, I do know that the word verification is on. And the comment moderation is on. However else can one stop the spammers? Thanks for the visit!

Liz said...

Lovely red leaf!

My Ruby links:
Moms... Check Nyo

Meri said...

viburnum shares its
vivid red with the blue sky
saying look at me

chubskulit said...

Gorgeous shot!

Laughter for RT

Word verification is not necessary since you are moderating the comments already. I removed all mine for the convenience of the commenters. Just a thought.

Rob said...

Spammers? You have spammers? Even the spammers don't visit my blog. :)

Marie said...

Lovely shades of red here. Thanks for sharing.

Linnea said...

The sunlight really captures the fine details beautifully! Very nice. Enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

This is a spectacular shot, especially with the light coming through the leaf and in the background. I love it!

Paz ;-)

Kim, USA said...

This is beautiful!! Love how the light touches the leaf. Great capture!

Christine said...

Thank you all for your complimentary and instructive comments. I'm trying to get around to each of your posts. And I will re-think the whole comment thing.

hare said...

Your garden has a loot of leaves of red. The shining is beautiful too.^^

Christine said...

Thank you again, Maki! ^^