Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Autumnal Equinox 2010

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I was going to post a photo of the full moon that I took at 6:30 this morning to welcome in Autumn, but I guess my camera is still a bit wonky (or maybe the user is) and they didn't come out well.

Did you see the full moon last night with Jupiter shadowing it all night long until dawn? It was stunning. A rare view.  Watch for it tonight if the skies are clear in your neighborhood.

I know many gardeners welcome signs of autumn; a time to gather in all the summer's bounty and preserve it for the colder months to come.  A time to finally stop weeding and put the garden to bed for the winter, unless, of course, you plant a winter garden.  A time to put an extra blanket on the bed, make soups and stews, get out those projects you've been wanting to do - hopefully you will have time now with the longer nights.

Lettuce, peas, fava beans, chard, kale all grow well in my garden come the cooler days of fall and I hope to be planting some of them this month.  Even potatoes overwinter here.  I guess I shouldn't grouse so much about not being able to grow tomatoes.

Do you plant a winter garden?

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Sylvia K said...

Gorgeous flowers and I love the color! I had the same problem with my attempted moon shot and I do suspect it was the "photographer" rather than the camera!! But the moon and night skies have been beautiful the past couple of nights. Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Lovely flowers! Yes, I saw the moon and was tempted to take a photo but just didn't have time. I was on the go.

Looking forward to seeing photos of products form your winter garden. ;-)


Meredehuit ♥ said...

The color of those mums really shout "Fall!" Gorgeous! My gardens are still dancin' in the Summer sun... but it could all change rather quickly here.

luna said...

what a gorgeous blog! love your photography. thanks for your comment earlier!