Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shadow Shots - Red on Portland Sidewalk

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Shadows cast by red balconies on an apartment highrise make for an interesting play on the sidewalk.

I thought so, anyway.  M+E will know right where this is.

It's time once again for Shadow Shot Sunday.

Take a peek at all the Shadow Shots being offered this week over at Tracy's blog, Hey Harriet.

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Sylvia K said...

What a great shadow shot, Christine!! Love the red color! I do love Seattle, but I do miss Portland! Hope you have a great week!


Hey Harriet said...

Cool! I also like the big clumps of fuzzy looking grass growing along the foothpath!

M+E may know where that is but I haven't a clue. Portland? Oregon somewhere? Maybe...?

Hope you have a great week Christine :)

Christine said...

Thanks Sylvia. Sometime when I'm in Portland we'll have to figure out a way to meet up. Halfway, maybe?

Hi Tracy. Yes, it's Portland. The city of my dreams. I liked the grass shadow too. :)

Noelle said...

What a creative photo! I love the red and also the fountain grass along the sidewalk :-)

Gunsside said...

Great interesting shadow ;)

Christine said...

Hi Noelle, Thanks for identifying the fountain grass. I don't know my grasses very well.

Welcome Gunsside! Thanks for visiting.