Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring in Sacramento - Pink Azalea

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I was away from my garden on the first day of Spring, but found this perfect specimen of an azalea in my son's Sacramento front yard.  To me, they look as though they are made of spun sugar.

I can see from the garden blogs I follow that spring is bustin' out all over!  And even though it is still in the mid to high 50s in my garden, the greenhouse thermometer says it was 82-degrees farenheit in there at 5 o'clock this afternoon.  I can't put off sowing the tomatos any longer.

Happy gardening! 

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Noelle said...


Your son's azaleas are just so beautiful. I hope your tomato sowing goes well :-)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Christine girl ! That azalea is AWESOME ! I only have one in my garden from the Northern Lights collection .. you are right about the spun sugar look to this .. totally gorgeous !
I TOTALLY forgot Sunday Shadow Shot .. I hope the gang won't boot me out ? .. too much going on here and my brain is leaking severely ?LOL

HARE said...

Yes, you have to do vegetables work.
Enjoy working Christine.^^

Christine said...

I've been remiss about answering comments. My apologies.
Alas, no tomatoes have been sown yet. The greenhouse still needs cleaning, it's been raining, and I seem to have no time. Arrrg!
Thank you Noelle, Joy, and Makiko for always visiting my blog. I appreciate you!