Saturday, March 06, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Savannah Fence

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Walking through historic downtown Savannah, GA recently
revealed so many little treasures.

This sweet dance of a shadow was one of them.

Hey Harriet has lots of cool Shadow Shots posted for this Sunday.
Go take a peek!

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Catherine said...

beautiful shot - looks like a musical score or calligraphy!!

Sylvia K said...

I love it!!!How delicate'! A sweet dance of a shadow indeed! And so crisp and clear! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


Hey Harriet said...

"This sweet dance of a shadow" is such a lovely and perfect description. I love that photo!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend and you have a great week ahead!

Lindz said...

it's great

Maggie B said...

So delicate & fine, thank you fo sharing a slice of Savannah today.
I'm in the midst of organising a convention in Savannah this coming October for a group of pottery collectors,can't wait to get there!

Anonymous said...

lovely pattern. i can imagine all the wonderful photos you took on your trip. welcome back!


Sweet Repose said...

I would love to tour the old plantation cities of Georgia, so beautiful!

Debbie said...

Savannah is an awesome place!~ There are so many photo ups there you can never put the camera down! This is a great shot!

Christine said...

Catherine, I thought of music too.

Thanks Sylvia. Hope you're enjoying your sunday.

I'm so glad you like this photo, Tracy. With all the fabulous photos you review weekly, this is a very nice compliment.

I have many more photos of Savannah, Maggie. Now I just have to find the time to post them! Have fun in October.

Thank you dear Paz. I'm happy to be back blogging!

Savannah is a beautiful city, Sharon. A must visit when one is on the south-east Atlantic seaboard.

Thank you very much Debbie.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Christine !
I loved this idea of Shadow Shot Sunday and have joined in : )
Thank you again for visiting my blog and cluing me in to this cute project : )

Christine said...

Shadow Shot Sunday is one of the coolest memes going, Joy. I'm so glad I turned you on to it!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Beautiful shadow. It forms such a pretty design.
You've inspired me to visit our local arboretum too. As soon as everything begins to pop I'll be there with my camera!