Thursday, March 11, 2010

March in the Garden - The Wood Hyacinth are Blooming

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The photo is rather dramatic of me, I know, but there are not enough of these lovelies blooming yet to block out the rather unsightly foliage growing in the background.

So I used a flash and just blacked it all out.

I kind of like it.

This is Hyacinthoides hispanica. Plant the bulbs in the fall and they will reward you the following spring and then forever after. I mix them in with pansies, daffodils and sparaxis.

Happy Gardening!

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Flowers said...

I bet they smell as wonderful as they are beautiful!Great photoing!

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome photo of a beautiful flower. I think I may have taken a photo of this flower at least once before. The name is familiar. I look forward to more of your flower shots.


Prospero said...

But dramatic is good, Christine.

Noelle said...

I just love this photo! What a great idea to highlight a single flowering stalk.

anna maria said...

I like it too. Drama is good, once in a while, it adds a little spice.
I must remember to plant some, I like flowers that keep coming back.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Wood hyacinths bloom,
their delicate purple bells
ringing in sweet spring.

HARE said...

Is this Hyacinth? "Wood Hyacinth"
My Hyacinth in flower now but I think this hyacinth looks a bit different. I like stamens of this hyacinth.

And the sparaxis. I was very much surprised when I looked at this flower. So beautiful! I love this!

Christine said...

Thanks Everyone! Your comments mean a lot to me. I'll be by to pay you a visit soon.

Christine said...

Hi Makiko,
I think there are several varieties of Hyacinth, this version being just one. I love my sparaxis. They come in many colors which I will show when they begin to bloom.

Light and Voices said...

Amazing photograph!
Joyce M