Monday, March 29, 2010

March in the Garden - Moss on Redwood Stump

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I've been working in the yard, as the weather allows, trying to get the berry canes out before they start their summer ranging, which can be up to 20 feet for some of them.  Crouched under a thicket of Rhododendron and camellia shrubs, yanking at berry roots, I cleared a space and came upon this little scene.

I just love mosses and the delicate and sometimes private ways they grow. 

Happy gardening!

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EG Wow said...

It's a beautiful moss, feathery.

I'm hoping the weather will be warm this week so I can do some garden clean up!

Noelle said...

I love how delicate this moss looks and the fresh green color. What a nice surprise to have found :-)

anna maria said...

I've done a tiny bit in the garden, but nothing compared to what needs to be done or could be done...I'm under the sleepy influence of Spring, rather than the gardening urge.

Christine said...

Me too, Annamaria. I know I "should" get into the garden, and I do drag myself out there, but I'd really rather be curled up with a good book. I think it's the gray and rain.

I am constantly surprised by little things like this in my garden, Noelle.

Hi EG, I wish you some warm weather.

Anonymous said...

Nature is so wonderful and beautiful.


Marvin said...

A beautiful little scene.

(I got fumble-fingered while moderating the comments on my blog and accidentally deleted yours instead of publishing. Sorry about that. I didn't want you to think I didn't appreciate your visiting and commenting.)

HARE said...

Beautiful green! I love mosses too Christine.^^

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Lovely little garden microcosm.

Meredith said...

What a lovely photograph, Christine! You are right that there is something private about this tiny scene -- or perhaps I might go with the word "holy." After all, without the concerted action of all our world's mosses, we would not have topsoil rich enough to grow food for all of us. :)

Christine said...

No offense taken, Marvin. Thanks for the visit.

I'm with you Paz!

Thank you Makiko and Digital.

I believe you've hit on the right word, Meredith. Such a huge contribution from a tiny plant.