Saturday, January 09, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday 01-10-10: Roman Shade

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Roman shades on the sun porch are rarely lowered to this position. But when family comes to stay, the sun porch becomes a spare bedroom. A golden moment all around.

See more Shadow Shots over at Hey Harriet's.

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Serendipity said...

Nice shadow :)

Carol said...

Fabulous color and shadows. Lovely!

Marvin said...

Lovely mellow shadows.

(BTW: Your current link on Hey Harriet is to an August, 19, 2009, SSS post.)

Marvin @ Nature in the Ozarks

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shadow shot. I love the yellow color, too.


Christine said...

Thanks so much for the visit, Serendipity and Carol. It's great to be back among you all.
You too Marvin. I looked at the old link and am not sure how to fix it. Got any ideas?
Hey Paz - Good to hear from you!

Marvin said...

As far as I know (which is very little) only the site owner can fix a Mr. Linky link.

You just have to make certain Mr. Linky isn't pulling up a link from its history when you post.

Sorry I was no help.

Christine said...

Thanks Marvin. I'll let Harriet know. Have a great week.

Hey Harriet said...

A golden moment and a golden shot. Lovely!

Hey Harriet said...

PS - I'm just about to close off the Mr Linky for this week, so I'll correct the link when I export the links to the list form. Sorry I was at work today and unable to check in on my blog and so didn't realise until now there was a problem with your link.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

A golden bedroom, pls? Me like.

Such a cutie stayin there. Looks cozy though am looking for your shadow.

Job well done.

Christine said...

No problem Harriet. Thanks!!