Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spring in My Garden - Siberian Iris

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Iris afficionados will know right away that this is a beardless iris; a Siberian iris, to be exact. I didn't know either of those botanical tidbits until I researched my photo today.

I found the iris plant at a plant sale last fall. It had no blooms, no tag, nothing to tell the interested plant buyer what it was, and it was marked down to - free. Little did I know how lucky I was until it bloomed yesterday. During my research I came across this. I'm fairly sure it is the same as mine. An award-winner no less.

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Avis said...

What a great find, and a price that can't be beat ;-). Blue is my favorite garden color. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! Lovely!


Anonymous said...

Lovely iris.

Christine said...

Thanks so much for your comments Avis, Paz and Anne. I'm just now catching up on long overdue comment responses and beg your forgiveness for letting the lag time go on for so long.