Friday, March 13, 2009

The Swallows Have Arrived!

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Wednesday afternoon, March 11, 2009, two Cliff Swallows were spotted flying high above our property. These are what I call the "scouts", usually two to four birds at first, followed by the whole contingent several days to a week later.

I start watching for them in early March and I've seen them arrive here as early as March 6th but somehow didn't put up a post about it. Click here for their arrival in 2007 - same date!

The beautiful and delicate Barn Swallows will follow soon.

In case you're wondering, don't try looking for a swallow in the photo above. Try as I might, I've never been able to catch one with my camera. A nice sky though, after our cold, gray, wet winter.

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tina said...

A nice sky indeed. The birds are difficult to capture. What a great way to commemorate spring. Are these cliff swallows that come prior to the barn swallows? I am waiting for the cliff swallows to return here. They nest under a bridge where I walk. Come to think of it, they may be barn swallows, I have no idea but plan to get some pics so I can figure it out. Happy Spring to you Christine!

Anonymous said...

Another cool post, Christine. Nature is so wonderful!


Christine said...

Hi Tina,
According to my sources, the blue-grey swallow that summers up here and has a square rather than a forked tail, is a cliff swallow. The other summer resident, who I've not seen yet this year, has a long forked tail and is a blue/bronzey creature that my key says is a barn swallow. The photo of the fledglings are barn swallows.

Christine said...

Thanks, Paz!!