Sunday, January 04, 2009

Silvery Artemesia

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Lacy like snowflakes. A good photo for this cold snap we're having.

This is one of a number of artemesia from the family asteraceae, also known as wormwood, absinthe and Roman wormwood. It's also spelled artemisia. Absinthe is made from it and it sports some health properties as well.

And here you thought it was just another pretty face.

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Dianne said...

it's like a lace growing wild!

beautiful photo

Anonymous said...

beautiful! never seen this before!


Christine said...

Yes, I agree, Diane. You should see the real plant. The photo doesn't do it enough justice.

Thank you Paz! I'll bet you will see it now. Try Central Park.

tina said...

This is one of my favorites! I grow the 'Powis Castle' and simply can't get enough of this artemesia. It so sets off all the colors and provides structure for my winter garden. Thanks for showcasing them. P.S. I never know which way to spell it so I am glad to find out either way is ok:)

Shane Marie said...

Hi Christine! I'm glad you stopped by my blog. I practically had to blow dust off it :) Letterboxing is like a scavenger hunt. Someone hides a box and posts clues to it. Inside the box is a book and a stamp. The finder also carries a book and a stamp to make a mark in the box's book and vice versa. I've become addicted! Check it out here: atlasquest.org.

The Organic Gardener said...

How neat and very informative. Is it an evergreen, since it grows in the winter, or is just a picture that was taken in the summer? Either way it is very beautiful!

Christine said...

Hi Tina, I used to grow the Powis Castle up here but it doesn't pull through our very rainy winters very well.

Hey Shane! Thanks for the letterboxing info. What fun! And I love it that you're posting a photo daily now.

Welcome Zach,
Artemesia is kind of like lavender in its growing habit. The leaves stay on through the winter but get a little scraggly. New growth in the spring perks the plant right up.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty