Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Frozen In Time

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The last two nights we've had temps below 30F. Not usual weather for us. Daytime temps haven't risen above 38F so the frost from the night before just stays there.

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Michelle said...

Cool frosty pics! :) We had the same scene down the coast in Carmel Valley, only it warmed up to about 50F today so the frost melted.

tina said...

I have to echo Michelle-cool frosty pics!

Christine said...

Michelle and Tina,
The snow and ice has finally melted and rain has settled in. Our little winter wonderland probably won't be back until next year. Michelle, I love your photos. And Tina, you year in a garden photo montage is wonderful.

tina said...

Why thank you Christine. Maybe the winter wonderland will come again. I hear Las Vegas got 3 inches of snow!

Paz said...



Wayne Stratz said...

I hope that no too much got injured by the frost. However, the photos are cool.

Anonymous said...

Lovely frosty photos

Christine said...

Thank you, Paz and Anne. Somehow I missed that you'd left comments.

Not even the lettuce succumbed to the frost, Wayne. Thanks for asking.