Saturday, February 16, 2008

Winter In My Garden #9 - Correa 'Alba'

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Correa 'Alba', a native perennial of Australia, has appeared here before but I never remembered the name of it. Happily, having recently passed by a potted cutting for sale, I can give both the name and some current photos. Blooming now in my garden, this is an unassuming shrub with none of the attributes to recommend growing it - no rich scent, not particularly attractive foliage, etc., - but it does make a nice thick hedge and gives the outdoor cats a place to hide behind. It's also darned difficult to photograph as my camera wants to focus on anything other than the blossoms.

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jodi said...

What a beauty! I've never seen it before; certainly wouldn't grow here but there are lots of things that won't grow here--and lots that will. So I guess it all evens out, doesn't it?

Christine said...

Indeed it does all even out, Jodi. There are so many plants and flowers that I know so well from my hot valley gardens of years ago, that don't do well here on the coast. Luckily what will grow here almost makes up for it. Almost. :)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous flowers and well captured with the droplets.

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful flower in your garden.