Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter in My Garden #1 - Lupin and Wild Arugula

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Lupin and a type of wild arugula (rocket) may be found growing on hillsides, meadows and my garden here on the north coast. The lupin can be invasive and hard to contain but the rocket, which blooms white, pink, pale purple and golden yellow, is a gentle plant, easily removed from vegetable beds. The blossoms have a peppery mustard taste and are fantastic in salads, cream cheese spreads, or just picked from the plant and popped into your mouth. I was surprised to find these blooms on the first day of winter. Click on the photo for a fun close-up of the water droplets.

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Paz said...

Those water droplets make it look even more delicate and precious. How interesting that the lupin and arugula are still growing in this weather.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty and delicate Christine.