Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Life's A Beach

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This afternoon brought a flurry of emails between Beach Nighters to get out and enjoy this deliciously warm weather while it lasts, especially after last week's cold and wet. We never know when we'll finally call it quits and have to move our gatherings indoors for the winter.

When the weather is this beautiful and the call goes out, we don't have to think twice, we just pack up dinner and head for the beach. Lamb stew, olive bread, red wine, good friends and a spectacular sunset. Life just keeps on giving.

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Simona said...

I wish I were there! It's quite warm here too and the sunset was lovely last night. We are surrounded by boxes, like mushrooms growing around the house.

eclectice said...

Beautiful and relaxing photos.

Sounds like a wonderful time too.

Paz said...

A beautiful life.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Christine wish I was there too.