Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Orb Weavers

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Notably absent from my autumn garden this year, I usually run into (literally) the webs of these guys strung across pathways where I walk, causing no small amount of sudden surprise quickly followed by, "Is it ON me"!? "WHERE"?
This is one of a mere handful that I've seen since September and seems oddly out of place traversing the cement pad in front of the shop building - a long trek for an arachnid.
Much as I dislike walking into their webs, I do hope they will return next year, in the great numbers they once were, thereby quelling, however briefly, my fears that they too may be succumbing to the effects of global warming.
Click on photos to enlarge. The details are spectacular.


Anonymous said...

I just had to look on your garden blog Christine since you mentioned it. I saw a similar spider on my Mum's door frame but without the strippy legs but with the yellow back.

christine said...

Hi Anne,
Since I've been photographing spiders I find them in the most unusual places. Sometimes suddenly in front of my face!